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Sharks Chat with Vesa Toskala -- 11/10/2006
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Tim (San Jose): What is the most difficult thing for you to do as a goaltender on gamedays, and how do you like being in a Sharks uniform?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: Stopping the pucks is pretty much the toughest part. It's a great honor to be a Shark. We have such a good team and a chance to win every game so it's fun to be here.
Susan (San Jose, Cali.): Goalies are supposed to be the most superstitious players, so do you have any unusual superstitions that you do regularly before a game? If so what are they? Go Sharks!!
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I don't really have any superstitions. I just do the same warm-up drills and try to follow a routine, but no superstitions. I try to stay away from those.
kim dostalek (los gatos): I just wanted to know what do you do on your day off. Keep up with the good work. Thank you.
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: If I'm on the road, I just hang with the guys, have dinner and go shopping. If I'm at home, pretty much the same things but I do them with the wife. We also watch movies and I like to do some shopping.
Randy (los angeles): What was the toughest on-ice adjustment you faced when coming over to North America to play on our smaller ice surfaces?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: The shots come in closer and the players shoot the puck a little bit harder. The two games are completely different so it's hard to list all the things that are different. Playing in the minor leagues was a great learning process.
Stacy (Salinas, CA): What were some of the reason why you decided to play goalie? Did you ever play any other positions growing up?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: No, I've always been a goalie. I started playing goalie when I was seven and still play goalie today.
Mike Verwold (Seaside, Ca): On a recent edition of Shark Bite, Ville, Jamie, and yourself when to a shop to buy those saussages. I was wondering what the name of the place was? Secondly what would you say is your favorite NHL moment?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I don't remember. It was a Russian deli on Winchester Boulevard. Really good sausages there. My favorite moment was my first NHL game. It was a dream come true playing in this League. It was in Los Angeles and I got in the last 20 minutes of the game.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, California): Who was your favorite player growing up and why?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: My favorite player was this Finnish goalie playing in my hometown that was my only hockey idol. His name was Jukka Tanni.
jeremy thomas (mesa,AZ): what music ,if any, do you listen to before a game to get you pumped up?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I like dance music a lot like most Europeans. Mostly 80's dance music. It's awesome.
Harry Dwyer (1573 Ardenwood Drive San Jose,CA 95129): Who is your best friend on the team? What is your favorite road city to play at? Thanks Vesa P.S. GO SHARKS!!!!
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: Ville Nieminen is my best friend on the team. I've always played well in Vancouver.
Kyrsten (California): Hi Mr. Toskala. I was wondering...why did you choose number 29 and then change to 35? Why did you choose those numbers? Do they mean anything special to you? Great game last night! Go Sharks!
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I've always worn 35. There's no real special meaning behind it. When I came to San Jose, Evgeni was wearing No. 35 and then when he switched to No. 20, I switched to No. 35.
Jason (Grass Valley, CA): What was the strangest thing someone asked you to autograph?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: A stomach.
Steven (Edmonton, AB): Hey Vesa. I am a big fan of the Sharks. You are in my opinion one of the top goalies in the NHL today. I think the best position in hockey is goaltending and I was wondering, what first inspired you to become a goalie?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I really liked the goalie gear when I was seven years old, so that was the first reason I wanted to be a goalie. The gear just looked so cool.
Jonathan Oda (Vallejo CA): Why did you choose the design you have on your mask? Is there any meaning behind it?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: There's not really any meaning behind it. I just grabbed a tatoo magazine and found a skull and went with that design. There's not really a cool story behind it. I've changed it a little bit over the years, but for the most part it has stayed the same.
Vivian H. (San Jose): I am planning a trip to Finland. Do you have any suggestions or favorite places you can give?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I would recommend going in the summertime because of the 24-hour daylight if you've never seen it. If you go in the winter and you're from California, you get to see a real winter. But I would recommend going in the summer. Tempere and Helsinki are great summer cities.
leslie (San Jose): Vesa, Do you feel the change in rules regarding the players curve of the stick is increasing goals scored?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: I think that it's hard to believe that the curve would have that big of an impact. I haven't really realized it yet. Maybe it has more of an impact in shootouts.
Chris (Australia): Hi Vesku. Im a 23yo goalie playing in Australia and wondering how to reduce my rebounds. Is their a rivalry between you guys?. Hope that you & Nabby stay in SJ, Or you can always come down under and have a crack here. Thanks Vesa
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: To reduce your rebounds, just focus on the puck and trap it when it comes to you or try to deflect your rebounds into the corner. If you work on it every day, you'll see the improvement.
leslie (San Jose): Vesa, who is the funniest person on the team?
Vesa Toskala's Live Chat: Joe Thornton.