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Welcome to SAP Center at San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks.

Fan enthusiasm is a great part of hockey and we certainly encourage active cheering. However, individual conduct must be bound by law and by the rights of others to enjoy the game. Fan behavior cannot unreasonably offend others or be unreasonably abusive to players or officials. 

We request that you be considerate at all times of the feelings of the players and officials and sensitive to those fans seated around you.

      Admission: The San Jose Sharks hereby grants the Holder of the ticket (Holder) admission to the San Jose Sharks hockey game upon the following conditions: the ticket cannot be replaced or exchanged if lost or destroyed. The ticket is a revocable license which may be withdrawn and admission refused at anytime. The ticket must not be resold or offered for resale in a manner or at a price in violation of any federal state or local law or regulation. Game times and dates are subject to change.

The Holder assumes all risks and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from, or related in any way, to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event and including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by hockey pucks and sticks, other spectators or players, or by thrown objects. The Holder agrees that
SAP Center, SAP Center Management, the League, its officers and employees, the participating clubs, their officers, players, employees and agents are expressly released by the Holder for claims arising from such causes.

The Holder shall not use admission to the San Jose Sharks hockey game to generate publicity for the purpose of promoting and/or marketing other entities, events, and/or personalities without the prior written consent of the San Jose Sharks.

The Holder further agrees to abide by the policies of
SAP Center and the instructions of SAP Center personnel. If, in the sole discretion of the San Jose Sharks, the Holder violates any of the foregoing, the Holder shall be subject to revocation of the license created by the ticket without refund. Continued violations may result in the forfeiture of any remaining season tickets of the current season and any renewal privileges.

By the purchase of the ticket and attendance at the event, the Holder consents to the use and broadcast of his image, without payment of consideration, in any news broadcast, commercial broadcasts, advertising or promotional publicity for the San Jose Sharks or
SAP Center.

The Holder may take still photographs, for personal use only, at SAP Center during Sharks games utilizing lenses not exceeding six inches in size. Camera equipment must be unobtrusive, not block sight lines of other guests and not restrict the free movement of guests throughout the seating areas. The Holder acknowledges and agrees that video and/or audio recording/taping equipment is not permitted in SAP Center and the Holder further agrees not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture or reproduction of the event or any portion thereof.

      Alcohol: No alcohol may be brought into SAP Center, nor consumed in any of the SAP Center parking lots. Violators will be cited by San Jose Police and are subject to significant fines. SAP Center reserves the right to evict an underage guest who's observed to be drinking alcohol or to any guest who appears to be intoxicated. SAP Center also reserves the right to deny entrance to an intoxicated guest.

      Animals: We permit no animals in SAP Center other than animals that are certified “Working Dogs” and are in service to assist disabled guests. Service dogs “in-training” are not allowed in SAP Center.

       Cameras: Guests are permitted to take still photographs during Sharks games. However, use of camera equipment may not infringe upon the comfort, safety or convenience of fellow guests. So as not to block the view of our guests, lenses exceeding six inches in size aren’t permitted during Sharks games, except by accredited members of the media. Tri-pods or single-pods are also not permitted as they can cause a tripping hazard.

       Containers: Cans, bottles, “Thermos”-type containers and hard-sided coolers aren’t allowed in the building. Lockers are available inside the South Entrance to store other items during the event. The staff reserves the right to inspect any container brought into the facility.

•     Fan Courtesy: The Sharks organization wishes to provide all fans with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable family atmosphere. As a courtesy to fellow fans and our players, while play is in progress, we ask fans to wait for the next whistle before going to or leaving their seats. We also ask guests to not lean forward in their seats so as not to block the view of guests seated behind them.

      While we appreciate enthusiastic fans in the house, fans around you want to enjoy the game too, so we ask that you keep extreme or reckless movements to a minimum. Guests using foul or abusive language, appearing intoxicated or otherwise displaying rowdy or inconsiderate behavior are subject to ejection. Please contact your nearest usher to report such behavior.

We encourage enthusiasm but discourage any behavior which makes others uncomfortable. We also prohibit a ticket holder from using admission to a game to generate publicity for the purpose of promoting and/or marketing other entities, events, and/or personalities without the prior written consent of the San Jose Sharks.

The San Jose Sharks reserve the right to expel, without refund, any ticket holders whose behavior which, in the sole discretion of the San Jose Sharks, violates any these behavior policies. Continued violations of the behavior policies may result in the forfeiture of any remaining season tickets of the current season and any renewal privileges. Please notify a Guest Services Attendant if you witness any behavior violations.

       Guest Food & Beverage: Guests may bring in reasonable amounts of food and non-alcoholic beverages for their own personal consumption at most events.

      Laser Pointers: For the safety of the players, officials and other guests, laser pointers are not permitted. People found with a laser pointer in their possession are subject to ejection.

      Noise-makers: No extraneous noise-making devices are permitted inside the building. These items include, but are not limited to: horns, whistles, air horns, cymbals, cow bells, bugles, thundersticks, etc.

      Prohibited Items: Cans, glass bottles, thermos-type containers, hard-sided coolers, balloons, laser pens, selfie-sticks, Go-Pros, masks, sealed or wrapped packages, noisemakers such as but not limited to air horns, iPads, flowers and gifts for a performing artist(s) are not allowed in SAP Center at San Jose. If the guest cannot dispose of prohibited items or return them to his/her vehicle, the guest can check in their items and pick them up when leaving. Guests, including law enforcement personnel not working in an official capacity, are prohibited from bringing weapons into SAP Center at San Jose. Weapons may not be checked in and include, but are not limited to, firearms, explosives, handcuffs, batons, stun guns, knives, tear gas and pepper spray. Guests with these items will not be allowed in the building and, if already in the building, will be required to take the item from the building or be evicted.

       Re-Entry: SAP Center has a general “no re-entry” policy during all events. Should a guest of the arena have an emergency or a legitimate purpose to exit and re-enter the building, the guest may obtain proper authorization and have their ticket scanned out. As a rule, only one guest per group is allowed to exit and re-enter.

       Security Checks: SAP Center conducts visual and bag security checks at every event. Higher levels of security checks including pat-downs, hand-wanding and the use of metal detectors are done at the discretion of management. All large bags, large backpacks and suitcases will not be permitted in the building. All persons entering SAP Center at San Jose are subject to security inspection. This includes persons exiting and re-entering. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Some security measures may cause minor delays when arriving. Please plan accordingly.

      Signs/Banners: Signs and/or banners are allowed within the building as long as they fall within the following guidelines:

      1. The sign/banner does not impair the view of other guests (20-by-30 inches).

      2. Information contained on sign/banner is not of a nature that could be construed as vulgar, offensive, graphic or outside of what the community standard would consider in “good taste."

      3. Hanging of signs/banners does not damage the building’s walls, paint, railings, etc.

      4. Signs may not contain advertising.

•     Stoppage in Play: In order to keep play visible for those seated, all guests are asked to wait for a stoppage of play before leaving or returning to the seating area. Guests are asked to keep the aisles clear at all times. Emergency situations require that stairways be kept clear. Guests sitting or standing in areas other than their ticketed seat jeopardize the safety of others. 

       Strollers/Carriers: Baby bags are permitted, but baby strollers and baby carriers are not permitted. SAP Center offers the service of checking in baby strollers and carriers at all events.  

       Tailgating: Tailgating in the SAP Center parking lots is prohibited per San Jose City Ordinance. Violators will be cited and fined for having an open BBQ flame or open container of alcohol.

       Throwing Objects: For your safety and the safety of others, please refrain from throwing any objects in the stands or onto the ice. Fans who do not comply will be asked to leave. The only exception to this rule is when a player scores a “hat trick” (three goals in a game). In this case, throwing of hats is customary and has been deemed appropriate. 

       Trespassing: Anyone trespassing on the ice will be ejected and subject to arrest and prosecution in accordance with local ordinances.

       Video/Audio Recorders: The use of video or audio recorders is not permitted. 

SAP Center at San Jose Services

       Advance Ticket Sales: While attending Sharks games, fans can buy tickets to future events at the Tickets South location through the end of the first intermission. Fans can buy tickets the day of an event at the Tickets North location, beginning two hours prior to the start of the event until the event begins.

       CommonWealth Central Credit Union ATM machines: There are three conveniently located CommonWealth Central Credit Union ATM machines. One is located next to the inside ticket window at Tickets South on the Club Level. Another is located next to the Tickets North window on the Concourse Level while the third one, recently installed, is located on the sidewalk next to the Tickets South window and is accessed from outside the building.

       Day-of-Game Ticket Sales: On occasions when tickets are released for day-of-game sales, the random numbered wristband lottery system will be instituted to determine the first person in line. For evening games, numbered wristbands will be distributed from 10-11 a.m. At 11:30 a.m., the “first” position will be selected in a lottery drawing with all other positions following in sequential order. Tickets go on sale at Noon. For afternoon games, wristbands will be passed out from 8-9 a.m. with the “first” position being selected at 9:30 a.m. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Please note: possession of a wristband doesn’t guarantee a ticket.

       Alcohol Sales: Under the SERVES YOU RIGHT PROGRAM, the following components on the Concourse Level include: limiting sales to two glasses of beer or alcohol per person per purchase and discontinuing beer and alcohol sales 10 minutes into the third period of the game. On the Club Level, alcohol sales continue through the postgame. After the first 10 minutes of the third period, alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed from The Comerica Bank Club into the seating area. 

      Americans with Disabilities Act: The Sharks and SAP Center at San Jose are sensitive to the needs of physically challenged individuals, both in the design of the facility and its policies, exceeding what the law requires. Seating for the physically challenged is available on a full-season, partial plan and single-game basis throughout the building. 

       Car Trouble: Should you have car trouble in the parking lot after the game, please go to the security desk located at the corner of St. John and Montgomery Streets. The security officer will help you in arranging for assistance.

       Comment Cards: While SAP Center at San Jose strives to provide the best entertainment atmosphere in the industry, there’s always room for improvement. Therefore, comment cards are available at both Information Desks on the Concourse Level. Your comments and suggestions provide us with ways to serve you better.

       Doors Open: Doors open 75 minutes before scheduled game time. Once a guest has entered, he or she cannot exit and re-enter unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been approved in advance and ushers can re-scan tickets to allow exit and re-entry. Re-entrance is granted to those using the designated smoking areas.

       First Aid: First Aid is located on the Concourse Level, near the Santa Clara Street entrance marked by the international first aid symbol (across from Section 102). An Emergency Medical Technician is on duty at every event.

       Flying Pucks: Fans are permitted to keep pucks that enter the seating area. However, ticket holders assume all risk and danger incidental to the game of hockey, whether occurring before, during or subsequent to the actual playing of the game, including, without limitation, injury from flying pucks, sticks which leave the playing area or other spectator’s conduct. Ticket holders agree that neither the Sharks nor the opposing club, nor the respective players or agents, shall be held liable. 

       Food and Beverage Service: There are 12 permanent locations, plus 12 portable stands throughout the Concourse and Club Level, with a variety of food and beverages, including Round Table Pizza, Tied House, Smoke Tiki BBQ, Una Mas, Tengu Sushi and Cabato’s.

       General Information: Information Desks are located on the Concourse Level at the North and South entrances. 

       Guest Services: If you have a problem or question during an event, please report it to the nearest usher or Information Desk. 

       Infant Tickets: Any child older than 23 months must have a ticket to enter the building. 

       Listening Devices: Hearing-impaired fans can obtain assistive listening devices, upon request, at the Information Desks. Although the service is free, a driver’s license is required for deposit.

       Lost and Found: For claiming or reporting lost items, contact the Event Office on the Concourse Level at Section 128 or call 408-999-5847 after the event.

       Marijuana: The smoking of legal medical marijuana or any illegal substance is prohibited on SAP Center at San Jose premises.

       Paging: No paging of guests by name is possible except in cases of extreme emergency. In such cases, contact the Event Office on the Concourse Level near Section 128 or call 408-287-7070.

       Parking: Prepaid season ticket holders should display the hanging parking passes on the rear view mirror upon entering any on-site parking lots and should display the pass until leaving the lot. Parking lots open two-and-a-half hours before game time. Comerica Bank Club and Premium ticket holders have the privilege of pre-paying for their parking on a season basis, therefore guaranteeing them a parking space in the on-site lots. As a result, it may be necessary to divert non-prepaid vehicles to other parking facilities in the area. Your cooperation with San Jose Police Officers and parking lot attendants is appreciated. In addition, for emergency purposes, please do not park in the fire lane or in non-designated locations at any time. Vehicles parked illegally are subject to towing. Prepaid parking privileges may be revoked if misused.

       Radio Reception: This year, all Sharks games can be heard in SAP Center at San Jose on the team’s flagship radio station, 98.5/102.1 KFOX (KUFX-FM), allowing Sharks fans to hear Dan Rusanowsky’s exciting radio broadcast.

       SmokingSAP Center at San Jose is a smoke-free facility and smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, including restrooms. This includes electronic cigarettes. Designated smoking areas are provided outside SAP Center at San Jose entrances and exits. The SAP Center at San Jose smoking policy conforms to California law which prohibits smoking within 20 feet of entrances, exits and operable windows of any building. The smoking of legal medical marijuana or any illegal substance is prohibited on SAP Center at San Jose premises.

       Souvenirs: There are numerous souvenir points of sale at Concourse and Club Level concession stands, including a full-line Sharks merchandise store located near the Santa Clara Street entrance. The store is open during Sharks games, as well as Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

      Telephones: Pay phones are located throughout the Concourse and Club Levels. For hearing-impaired guests, there are two TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) pay phones provided, one on each side of the Concourse Level by the main staircases.

       Television Monitors: Multiple TV monitors are located throughout the Concourse and Club Levels and at the concession stands.

Your Input: The Sharks are very interested in your reaction to our building and our services and will be conducting formal research among some of our ticket buyers during and after the season. In addition, we welcome your input, positive or negative, and urge you to contact us in writing, by phone, or through SAP Center at San Jose’s Website ( or at the Sharks Website (