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Deserving Local High School Student Receives 2015 BAASST Scholarship

On Thursday, March 12, S.J. Sharkie and members of the San Jose Sharks Fan Development staff paid a special visit to an ecstatic fan at SAP Center prior to the puck-drop against Nashville. Local high school senior Caitlyn Bardin was extremely grateful to receive a giant check for a $3,000 scholarship from the Bay Area All-Star Scholarship Team (BAASST).

The BAASST scholarship is given to a high school senior who excels in academics, athletics, and has exceptional community service experience. Through hard work, dedication and positive personalities, these students serve as excellent role models in their respective schools and communities.

Caitlyn is a bright, deserving student who has not had an easy road to get where she is today. Faced with the crippling economic recession and the difficult divorce of her parents, Bardin’s family found themselves dealing with the harsh realities of homelessness. Often feeling as if the world was against her, she turned to school and community service opportunities for support and to give herself purpose. In high school Caitlyn was accepted into Summer Search, a program that offers weekly mentoring and educational travel programs to low-income students. She later returned as an ambassador, to give back to a program that meant so much to her. Through this program she learned that her past did not define her and that what mattered was how she addressed her situation. She then dedicated her time to numerous organizations through the Children’s Discovery Museum’s “Purple Team,” focusing on family services and environmental protection. She took on an even larger leadership role at the Children’s Discorvery Museum by becoming a leader for their Discovery Youth program. In the last year, Bardin has become a Youth Representative for Opportunity Youth, an organization that works alongside other non-profits and companies with goals of reducing high school dropouts and increasing youth employment. Caitlyn’s hard work and achievements awarded her a QuestBridge Finalist. This highly –selective non-profit gives ambitious low-income students the opportunity to apply for the nation’s top colleges, covering the cost of application fees. Other than her passion for learning and helping people through service, Caitlyn also has an immense passion for computer science. Co-founding the Computer Science Club at her high school, she plans to major in the subject during college next year. Bardin is seen as a true leader by her friends and peers, and the San Jose Sharks are honored to award her with this scholarship.

BAASST has rewarded students like Bardin since 1996. Each year, the Sharks, along with the Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants and San Jose Earthquakes, each choose one local student to receive a $3,000 scholarship and be recognized at an event hosted by each team.

Congratulations to Caitlyn Bardin and the six other 2015 BAASST Recipients!

Name School Team
Armando Negrete Encinal High School Golden State Warriors
Selina Saliba College Park High School Oakland A's
James Hamilton Sir Francis Drake High School Oakland Raiders
Eslah Alowdi Raoul Wallenberg High School San Francisco Giants
Maria Delfino Aptos High School San Fransisco 49ers
Marcos Anton Cupertino High School San Jose Earthquakes
Caitlyn Bardin Abraham Lincoln High School San Jose Sharks