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Based on your comments and questions, here are some answers to your FAQs:

1. Can you send game reminders?
Yes. We have started to send game reminders for every game along with any pertinent information for the game.

2. Can you send postgame score updates?
We are currently investigating the possibility of postgame score updates. If we start to send postgame score updates, Text Club members will need to opt-in to the program since some individuals would choose not to receive scores due to DVR recordings or other factors.

3. Can you send in-game score updates?

We are currently investigating the possibility of in-game score updates.

4. Can we get more texts?

To balance content offered and inbox saturation, we are currently aiming to send approximately four to five messages per week. Each week, we intend to have a contest and game reminders. Breaking news alerts and exclusive special offers will also be sent, however they do not always occur regularly. As we move forward and continue to get feedback from members, this number of messages may be adjusted.

5. Why are some words abbreviated / why do you use “text speak” in the text messages?

Unfortunately, due to mobile device restrictions, we have a limited amount of characters to use in our messages. We make all efforts not to abbreviate a message, however in certain cases the amount of information in a message makes it necessary to abbreviate. We only do this when we deem the information necessary and important.

6. Why do you send "Msg&data rates may apply. Reply STOP to quit" in every message?

For legal reasons, this must be included in all of our text messages.

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