2015-16 Grant Recipients

Total Grants Distributed: $565,000
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 24

Organization: AchieveKids
Area Served: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
Impact: 110 people, 5-22 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Community Integration Program
Program Description: Funding will support AchieveKids’ Community Integration Program that provides hands-on training in daily living skills; taking public transportation, ordering meals at a restaurant, and buying groceries. While others might take these tasks for granted, they are critical for students who are unsure of how to communicate with strangers or accomplish daily necessities. For more information visit: www.achievekids.org
Organization: Advent Group Ministries
Area Served: Santa Clara County, San Jose - San Martin
Impact: 150 people, 13-17
Focus Area: Character Development
Name of Program: Step Up! Closer Connections Program Description: Funding will provide essential treatment services for at-risk youth. Advent’s Closer Connection program provides in-school and home liaison assistance for students by facilitating their enrollment in their Step Up! Program. Step Up! is designed to create closer, one-on-one services that enhance the youths’ participation in group therapy recovery services that support/enable them to overcome obstacles to achieve successful recovery. For more information visit: www.adventgm.org
Organization: Alearn
Area Served: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
Impact: 1,021 people, 11-14 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Closing the Achievement Gap in Middle School Math
Program Description: ALearn funding will be allocated to year-round math assistance for low-income, underserved students in metro-San Jose middle schools. The program is designed to help students who are 1-2 years behind their peers. The focus is middle school math because it is the subject that low-income students struggle with the most. Middle school math is one of the strongest predictors of high school success and consequently college success, due to the discipline required to master the content. For more information visit: Alearn.org
Organization: Assistance League of San Jose
Area Served: San Jose
Impact: 4,000+ people, 5-11 years old
Focus Area: Character Development
Name of Program: Operation School Bell Uniform Program
Program Description: The Sharks Foundation grant will fund 2,500 new school uniforms for disadvantaged elementary school children in San Jose. Twelve hundred fifty students will each receive two new shirts and two new pairs of pants, which will increase their self-esteem, self-confidence, pride and sense of belonging. They will be dressed as well as anyone in their school – they will be dressed to learn. For more information visit: www.alsj.org
Organization: Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 700 people, 6-13 years old
Focus Area: Health & Safety
Name of Program: Fit Kidz: Mind Body Soul
Program Description: Sharks Foundation funding will support the Fit Kidz: Mind Body Soul program, which addresses young people’s unmet health and life skills needs through activities that promote wellness and positive health habits through physical fitness, pro-social activities, and resistance skills mastery. Fit Kidz aims to improve the health, physical fitness, and well-being of youth by incorporating healthy choices into their everyday lives. For more information visit: www.bgclub.org
Organization: Downtown College Prep
Area Served: East Side and downtown San Jose
Impact: 820 people, 11-13 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: DCP Alum Rock and El Camino Middle School ID Labs Program Description: Funding will bring one Innovation and Design Lab to each of the two middle schools (Downtown College Prep Alum Rock Middle School and Downtown College Prep El Camino Middle School.) The purpose of the Innovation and Design Lab is to provide students and teachers at both sites with the resources to provide constructivist, inquiry-based projects to enrich their teaching practices and student learning. For more information visit: www.dcp.org
Organization: Family Supportive Housing, Inc.
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 630 people, 0-65 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Healthy Eating-Healthy Living
Program Description: The nutrition status of homeless children has profound effects on their health development and ability to learn. Family Supportive Housing provides the families staying at their Shelter with healthy, fresh food-three meals and two snacks a day, 365 days a year. Continued support from the Sharks Foundation will help Family Supportive Housing address this critical nutritional gap for the children and parents they serve who are experiencing homelessness. For more information visit: www.familysupportivehousing.org
Organization: George Mark Children's House
Area Served: Greater Bay Area
Impact: 100 people, 0-22 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Pediatric Palliative Care for Santa Clara County Families with children with life limiting illness Program Description: The Palliative Care Program at George Mark Children’s Hospital provides the medical care and psychosocial support needed to enable children facing life-limiting illnesses to live their lives to the fullest and to empower families to successfully manage this profound challenge. George Mark serves medically eligible children ages 0-21 regardless of a family’s socioeconomic status. Funds will support the salaries of clinical staff, primary nurses, medical supplies and other program costs. For more information visit: www.georgemark.org
Organization: LifeMoves (formerly InnVision Shelter Network)
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 180 people, 5-18 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Santa Clara County Children's Education Program Program Description: Funding will support LifeMove's effective Children’s Education Program, providing meaningful and relevant academic and social skills for at-risk homeless children in Santa Clara County. For more information visit: www.lifemoves.org.
Organization: Loved Twice
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 2,500 people, 0-12 months
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Baby clothing to infants in Santa Clara County Program Description: Sharks funding will support their mission to clothe newborns in need with quality recycled baby clothing for the first year of life. The grant will provide a total of 30,000 warm, essential garments which will be distributed to homeless infants in Santa Clara communities with a retail value of $90,000. For more information visit: www.lovedtwice.org
Organization: Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health
Area Served: Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco
Impact: 400 people, 10-25 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Mobile Adolescent Health Services Program
Program Description: Funding will support the Teen Health Van. Homeless and uninsured youth are one of the groups at most risk for not receiving timely and appropriate medical treatment. Undiagnosed and untreated diseases can negatively impact all areas of their lives. The Teen Van brings adolescent-focused medical services to sites that serve local at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Through the various Van services, Lucile Packard strives to help at-risk youth treat their medical issues, so that they can experience success in all areas of life. For more information visit: stanfordchildrens.org; supportlpch.org
Organization: My New Red Shoes
Area Served: 5 Bay Area Cities including Santa Clara County
Impact: 9,000 people, 5-18 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Clothing for Confidence
Program Description: My New Red Shoes eliminates a significant barrier to school engagement by providing homeless and impoverished children with the basic necessities of new shoes and clothing to start the school year. In fiscal year 2016, their goal is to serve more than 7,000 Bay Area Children including more than 1,700 school-aged children from Santa Clara County. For more information visit:http://www.mynewredshoes.org/
Organization: Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 12,000 people, 3-18 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: 5210 Numbers to Live By! Programs Program Description: Grant funding will help Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s program staff expand the 5210 Numbers to Live By! Program to 17 elementary schools in Santa Clara County (Campbell and Sunnyvale School Districts,) as well as the Home School Network and 10 preschools affiliated with the elementary schools. The program will educate children about nutritious foods, healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of physical activity. For more information visit: www.pamf.org
Organization: Parent Institute for Quality Education
Area Served: Predominantly Santa Clara, also includes San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties
Impact: 1,000 annually people, 19-65 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Improving Academic Achievement through Parent Engagement Program Description: Funding will enable PIQE to continue its goal of reversing the education crisis by providing its Parent Engagement in Education Program to underserved parents at four low-performing K-12 schools within Santa Clara County starting on 04/01/16-12/31/16. PIQE’s aim is to improve the academic achievement of approximately 400 at-risk youth by graduating approximately 150 low-income parents through their interactive and effective program. For more information visit: www.piqe.org
Organization: Project Access
Area Served: Six low-income housing communities in San Jose
Impact: 292 people, 6-18 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: After School Tutoring and Enrichment Program Program Description: The Project Access After-School Tutoring and Enrichment Program addresses the academic and development needs of low-income, at-risk youth. Youth receive daily tutoring and homework help, along with enrichment activities to develop socio-emotional skills that foster success in all aspects of life and daily healthy snacks to develop healthy eating habits. In 2014, they served 290 San Jose youth; with 91% demonstrating positive achievement in math and reading. For more information visit: www.project-access.org
Organization: San Jose Jazz
Area Served: East San Jose
Impact: 200 people, 7-14 years old
Focus Area: Character Development
Name of Program: Progressions
Program Description: Progressions is a high quality, rigorous youth development/music education program for low-income, at-risk students produced in a safe setting & lead by skilled mentors/music educators. Progressions goes beyond music by cultivating character development with a focus on self-reliance, personal responsibility, critical thinking, problem solving, goal setting, teamwork, leadership, communication skills and more. Sharks funding will support instructional and program staff salaries and instrument refurbishment to launch a new site. For more information visit: www.sanjosejazz.org
Organization: San Jose Museum of Art
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 12 people, K-5 Students
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Sowing Creativity
Program Description: Sowing Creativity responds to a need for both art and science education in local schools and strives to make the Museum a local leader in the burgeoning national movement towards STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) education. Finding innovative ways of addressing these skills is particularly important in a district like San Jose Unified, where, despite the wealth of the surrounding region, 45% of the student population qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch. This core of low-income students is both the group that is the least likely to receive arts education and the one that has the greatest potential to benefit from the improved thinking skills, higher social tolerance, and historical empathy that correlate with early arts exposure. For more information visit: www.sjmusart.com
Organization: Sunnyvale Community Services
Area Served: Sunnyvale
Impact: 1,450 people, 4-18 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Kids' "Head to Toe" Summer Program
Program Description: Sharks Foundation Funding will help buy new, properly fitting school shoes, school supplies and nutritious food so that 1,450 very low-income children have healthy food over the summer and back-to-school supplies next fall. Funding from the Sharks Foundation, along with discounts from Payless Shoes and other financial and in-kind donations, will help disadvantaged children return to school with things they could not otherwise afford. For more information visit: http://www.svcommunityservices.org/
Organization: Third Street Community Center
Area Served: City of San Jose
Impact: 130+ people, 6-15 years old
Focus Area: Character Development
Name of Program: Inspire Young Minds
Program Description: Funding will provide children with school uniforms, shoes, a jacket, and a t-shirt so they can focus on their school work. The project will also enhance the learning environment by replacing items depleted beyond use, such as educational games, books, program supplies, and task chairs for the computer lab. The message sent to children is that they are worthy of a good education, and that they are valued by their community. For more information visit: www.3street.org
Organization: Triton Museum of Art
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 200 people aged 11-14
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: TeenStudio Workshops 2016
Program Description: The Triton Museum of Art will use the funding to underwrite 10 one-day TeenStudio workshops in 2016. Of these workshops, five will be offered to middle school students and five will be offered to high school students. The capacity of each workshop is 20 students. Expenses include consumable art supplies, marketing, postage, facility usage, and art educators’ salaries. For more information visit: www.tritonmuseum.org
Organization: Unity Care Group
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 53 people, 16-21 years
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: Foster Youth Education & Wellness
Program Description: Unity Care’s Education and Wellness Program provides a wide range of services to 53 youth ages 16-18 (one day before their 19th birthday) who are living in group homes. Expanding on UCLA’s Comprehensive Systems of Learning Supports model, the program brings integrated, preventative, full spectrum services to children who can no longer live safely with their families. The program integrates academic improvement and mental health support. For more information visit: www.unitycare.org
Organization: Via Services, Inc.
Area Served: Primarily Santa Clara County
Impact: 600 people, 5-18 years old
Focus Area: Health and Safety
Name of Program: Healthy Me! Fitness Program for Youth with Disabilities
Program Description: Funding will augment current campus gym facilities by purchasing youth-sized exercise equipment and developing adapted curriculum with 10 core lessons that can be integrated repeatedly into year-round special needs camp sessions for 600 youth with disabilities annually to teach the importance of regular physical activity, proper technique for aerobic, strength, core, balance, flexibility and stretching, and safe, effective use of gym equipment. For more information visit: www.viaservices.org
Organization: Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Area Served: San Francisco Bay Area
Impact: 150 people, 4-22 years old
Focus Area: Character Development
Name of Program: Youth and Family Recreational Services
Program Description: Youth and Family Recreational Services enables children to have a greater chance of becoming independent and productive by offering enrichment opportunities that promote the development of skills that foster confidence and courage. Families also have a chance to come together to discuss their challenges as parents of blind children and support each other. For more information visit: vistacenter.org
Organization: Youth Science Institute (YSI)
Area Served: Santa Clara County
Impact: 1,450 people, 8-9 years old
Focus Area: Education
Name of Program: YSI Science Programs for 3rd Grade Title I Students
Program Description: Grant monies will be used to provide free, supplemental science education programs to low-income, academically at-risk, and underserved students in Santa Clara County. The project will serve 3rd grade students from Title I schools. By offering no-cost science programs to Title I schools, YSI strives to reduce the performance gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children. For more information visit: http://www.ysi-ca.org/

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